How To Get 80 Cents Free Every Month On The Kris+ App A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Get 80 Cents Free Every Month On The Kris+ App: A Step-By-Step Guide

Kris+, the lifestyle rewards app by Singapore Airlines, gives it’s members 80 cents for free every month in KrisPay miles and this is how to get yours:

  • Log into the Kris+ app on your mobile phone. If you are not already a Kris+ member, see HERE to join for free and get a bonus $5 using the referral code L719779.
  • Click on ‘Challenges’ near the top of the screen

  • Click on ‘Check in now’ to check in. Once you have checked in on 3 separate days in the same week (has to be at least 24 hours apart), you will instantly receive 20 cents in KrisPay miles. Complete the challenge every week and you’ll earn 80 cents a month and $9.60 a year! Who doesn’t like free money?!!

Kris+ Check In Challenge

  • For a list of retailers where you can spend your KrisPay money, see HERE.

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