Free Original Size Boost Juice From Most Popular Series

Free Original Size Boost Juice From Most Popular Series

For a limited time only, Boost Juice are on KaiKai – the shopping app where you can score amazing deals on food, retail and leisure activities. KaiKai are offering new users $10 completely free to spend, so you can use it to get a free original size Boost smoothie from their ‘Most Popular’ series! This includes their All Berry Bang, Mango Magic, Strawberry Squeeze, Passion Mango, Banana Buzz, Soraya’s Favourite, Berry Peachy and Blueberry Burst smoothies. They only cost $6.17 on KaiKai, so you’ll have $3.83 left to spend on some of the other great deals!

Some of the current popular deals that you could spend your free money on include:

  • The Alley Royal No. 9 Milk Tea – $3.60
  • Kopi & Tarts Original Egg Tart – $2.50
  • Spinelli Roasted Pepper & Cheese Sandwich – $3.90
  • BakeOpedia French Butter Croissant – $4
  • I Love Taimei Mini Hash Browns (2 set bundle)  – $2.80

To get your free $10 on KaiKai, click ‘Get Your Free $10’, enter your mobile number and click ‘get all deals’. Then download the app and your $10 will instantly be credited to your account after you’ve logged in. It’s as simple as that! No minimum spend is required and you are free to spend your $10 as you wish!


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