Free FairPrice CNY Facial Tissues & $35 FairPrice Vouchers For New Trust Sign-Ups Until 29th February

Free FairPrice CNY Facial Tissues & $35 FairPrice Vouchers For New Trust Sign-Ups Until 29th February

Get a free FairPrice CNY Soft Pack Facial Tissues 4x200s plus $35 worth of FairPrice vouchers when you sign up for an account with Trust. If you haven’t already heard of Trust, it is a unique partnership backed by Standard Chartered Bank and FairPrice Group, where you can get a savings account or credit card with absolutely no fees! Plus you can get a high interest rate of up to 3% p.a. and up to 21% savings on groceries and food at FairPrice Group!

Free FairPrice Thai Hom Mali Superior Fragrant Rice & $35 FairPrice Vouchers For New Trust Sign-Ups Until 30th September

Even if you’re just interested in getting the free FairPrice vouchers and tissues, registering for an account with them is quick and easy and will literally take minutes. All you have to do is complete the following steps:

  • Download the Trust app from the Trust website HERE
  • Register for an account by selecting ‘register with referral code’ and enter the Referral Code JVA12EXY

    Please note that if you don’t enter the referral code, you will only receive $25 worth of FairPrice vouchers. This exclusive referral code gives you a bonus $10!

  • Once you’ve registered an account, you will instantly receive your free bonus $10 FairPrice voucher in the app as well as your free FairPrice CNY Facial Tissues voucher within the hour. No purchase is required at all and you don’t even have to put money in the savings account!
  • A visa debit card will be sent to you within a week and if you deposit $500 into your Trust savings account, you will receive $25 FairPrice vouchers in the app too! If you opted to get a Trust credit card, then you can receive your $25 FairPrice vouchers by simply making any spend on your credit card.

The free FairPrice CNY Facial Tissues plus $35 FairPrice Vouchers offer is available until the 29th February 2024, after which you will just get $35 worth of FairPrice vouchers.

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