Free Diaper Samples Singapore - Complete List For 2023

Free Diaper Samples Singapore – Complete List For 2023

Trying out a range of free diaper samples is a good idea before you commit to a specific brand. This way you can test out different diaper brands and find out what is best for your baby. Below you will find a list of free diaper samples currently available in Singapore, that you can get delivered to your home for free!

MamyPoko Free Diaper Sample

MamyPoko diapers are loved in Singapore and around the globe for their premium Japanese quality. Made with Air Silky Soft Material infused with Olive Oil Extract to moisturise your baby’s skin and organic cotton with natural plant oils. They are safe and gentle, allergy tested and suitable for sensitive skin. Absorbs for up to 12 hours.

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Merries Tape Diapers Free Sample

Merries Tape Free Diaper Sample Singapore

Merries Tape Diapers from Japan have a triple layer air-through system to expel moisture and stuffiness from the insides of the diaper, providing long-lasting dryness and comfort. The unique dual absorbent core instantly draws in and locks away pee and poo and their ultra soft Flexi-fit “W” Shape accommodates baby’s active movements without red marks or abrasions.

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Merries Pants Free Sample

Awarded ‘Good Design Award’ in Japan for an amazingly comfortable fit, Merries Pants have airy channels around the waist to efficiently release heat and stuffiness, providing dry comfort for active babies. Superb absorbency for instant lock-in of pee and long-lasting dryness. Soft waist and leg gathers provide a comfortable fit that allows freedom of movement. 

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Nateen Diapers or Pants Free Sample

Nateen diapers and pants are well known in Europe for being one of the highest quality diapers in the world. With advanced technology, Nateen diapers and pants are made with natural fibres with no added chemicals, are hypoallergenic and chlorine free. They are breathable with superb absorbency and odour control as well as being eco-friendly (around 80% to 85% biodegradable).

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Huggies Platinum Naturemade Diapers or Pants Free Sample

Free Diaper Sample Singapore Huggies Baby Diapers Or Pants

Huggies Platinum Naturemade diapers and pants are super thin and absorbent. Made with Naturesoft Liner and European Natural Fiber to soothe and nourish your baby’s skin. Infused with Vitamin E from Wheat Germ Oil and contains no Elemental Chlorine, Heavy Metal, Dioxin, Phthalate or Optical Brightener.

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Dorai Diaper Pants Free Sample

Dorai diaper pants are extra soft and have a highly stretchable waistband for a comfortable and perfect fit. A cotton-like back-sheet allows for air circulation to keep baby’s skin dry and clean and an extremely thin honeycomb core with quick absorbency provides long lasting dryness. Double layer leak guard also helps to prevent side leakage. 

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Sweety Pants Diaper Free Sample

Sweety Pants is the leading baby diaper brand in Indonesia. Specially designed for one-second absorbency so that it absorbs liquid quickly and keeps the surface in contact with baby’s skin dry.

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OLOLA Newborn Diaper Free Sample


OLOLA Newborn Diaper Free Sample

OLOLA tape diaper for newborns is made from thin, light and comfortable fabric, as soft as a baby’s skin. Strong and super absorbent, it provides dryness for up to 12 hours.

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Drypers Diapers or Pants Free Sample

Drypers believe that every child is unique, which is why they have different ranges of diapers. From Drypers Touch and Wee Wee Dry to Drypantz and Touch Pants, you’ll definitely find a diaper or pants to fit all your baby’s needs. 

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Drypers Skinature Diaper Free Sample

Skinature is a premium diaper specially designed for babies with delicate skin. It is free from allergens, chlorine-free and fragrance-free, making it gentle even on sensitive skin, especially those prone to EU26 allergens. Developed with Derma-Care Technology™, Skinature by Drypers is made from premium soft materials with superior absorbency and a 3D-embossed top layer which helps secure and lock poo away, ensuring your baby stays clean and dry.

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Rascal + Friends Diaper Free Sample

Rascal And Friends Diapers Free Sample Singapore

Rascal + Friends make seriously good diapers that perform exceptionally, are dermatologically certified and affordable. Made with none of the bad stuff – they don’t include any harsh chemicals, latex, lotions or fragrances. Made with feather soft materials and water-based inks, Rascal + Friends Diapers are safe and ultra gentle on sensitive skin.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed claiming all your free diaper samples! Keep checking back as we will update this page with all the latest free diaper samples in Singapore! For huge discounts on all diaper brands, join the Shopee Mum’s Club.

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