Get a free sample of either FAMIMOM, FAMIKID or FAMITOT Pre + Probiotics. FAMIMOM is ideal for preconception, expecting and lactating mothers to promote healthier pregnancies and to maintain wellbeing after delivery. FAMIKID is designed for the immune challenges your kid faces in the environment. It enables better gut colonisation by using HRBs that are compatible with the human body. Formulated with Lactoferrin and high strength DHA, FAMIKID may help your kid to fall sick less often and learn better. FAMITOT is designed to meet the immunomodulation and brain developmental needs of young children aged 1 to 3 years old. The first 1000 days of life represent the most critical period for dietary interventions to improve children’s growth and development. 

To get your free sample, click on ‘GET FREEBIE’, fill in the form with your details and click on ‘register’. Your sample will then be sent to you within 2 weeks, while stock lasts.


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