BreadTalk Wheelock Place 1-For-1 Soy-On-Tap Opening Promotion

BreadTalk Wheelock Place Opening Promotion: 1-For-1 Soy-On-Tap Beverage

To celebrate the opening of the new BreadTalk store in Wheelock Place, they are having a 1-for-1 promotion for their exclusive Soy-On-Tap beverages! A reinvention of a favourite Singaporean childhood drink, Soy On Tap beverages come in 10 different flavours made with 100% house-brewed soy milk and topped off with a soy milk whipped cream aka “soy crown”.  You also have the option to have a sprinkling of BreadTalk’s signature pork floss on top of the soy crown!

The promotion is available for all Soy On Tap flavours which include Soy Original, Soy Sesame, Soy Green Tea, Soy Honey, Soy Latte, Soy Yammy, Soy Azuki, Soy Lychee, Soy Peanut, Soy Matcha and Soy Honey Green Tea. Offer ends on the 27th September 2020.

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